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QR Code For Business in Kenya


1: Encoding a large amount of data with a small code A QR Code® can encode numerals, alphabetical characters, kanji characters, katakana and hiragana characters, symbols, binary data, control codes and other data. 

2: Printing in a small area Since QR Codes encode data in the transverse and longitudinal directions, a QR code can represent data using approximately 10 times less space than a traditional barcode. 

3: Readable regardless of the scanning angle QR Codes® can be read at high speed regardless of the scanning angle. The secret lies in three position detection patterns, which are located in each code, enabling stable high-speed reading without being affected by the background patterns. 


1. Direct customers to a landing page/website.

2. Dial your business number easily.

3. Send a message & Email instantly!

4. You are able to Download apps after scanning the QR Code. 

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